No time to cry

No time to cry……I guess this is as good a time as any to share some thoughts. I have many but lately it seems hard to put them together in words. I waver between disconnecting and trying to connect more. It has crossed my mind many times to pull away from social media. Delete some accounts get back to my present moment. I haven’t been able to do that yet and maybe that isn’t the answer. As I was kneading my bread dough today the words of Iris Dement helped my thoughts come together. Thoughts of connection. Connection to our souls, to each other, to what brings us joy, to our communities, to our health. For me these are the things that help me survive and feel alive.     
In the last year I feel like I have been living more and more of an authentic life. A life that is more true to who I am. I have never been more comfortable but also more out of my element at the same time. I have tried to embrace this time and take the twists and turns as they come. I add in more things that bring me joy and eliminate things that don’t. But even then there are unexpected moments of emotion or turmoil that make me feel like this stage in life is harder than any I’ve experienced thus far. The one thing that keeps me going through the dark parts are my connections. To my family, friends, community…. the list is endless. For me baking is a connection to my childhood and my mother. It brings me joyous memories and feelings of being a carefree child, feeling safe and comforted. I have found as I have been baking more and more that when I sell or pass on my baked good to family, friends and community members the joy is passed along.       

I feel very fortunate to live surrounded by amazing people. People who support and give to their communities, neighbors and friends. I feel like if we can spread that connection. Keep passing it along. Make it bigger. Connect more. We can feel better. As a community, a state, a country, as humans.   
Baking is just one example of how to pass a feeling along. I can think of a million more. Find one that works for you and brings you joy or comfort and pass it on. Communities of people who are connected and care for each other are what make a peaceful and loving world. 

I was baking banana bread a couple days ago and I could see my neighbors out my kitchen window. They were working together to build a wood shed. They had been out there all day and I hadn’t noticed them take one break. When the bread was done and still warm walked over and gave them a loaf. When you feed your neighbors, your community, our world; everyone benefits.    
*side note* as I was trying to put these words together and after I delivered the bread to the neighbors this image came across my Facebook feed and basically summed it up for me…….

During this strange time in our country’s history and the holiday season maybe we can all focus on being more connected in a real way. To benefit our own souls and those of our fellow humans. The simple truth is we are all human. We are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses. Instead of categorizing people let’s connect as humans. With connection comes acceptance. We could all work on making our lives more authentic and connected.   

I’m going to keep baking and you’re welcome to come connect with me and the community next Saturday November 19th at the Boulder Christmas Bazaar. JHS north Gym 10-4. 

I’ll have loads of delicious baked goods and coffee along with my new range of local photograph post cards!   
See you there! 

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