Out of control… Love

Plain and simple…. Somedays I am just out of control. I usually don’t notice till something happens that is an obvious sign. It’s like God says… “This girl just isn’t gonna stop unless I snap my fingers.”
I have been seriously occupied with getting ready for my first real deal art show/open house. (December 8th @ Basin Creek Pottery) I could not be more excited. It’s crazy how I could think I didn’t have much work to print and then when I get to organizing and selecting pieces I get overwhelmed with stuff to choose from. My iMac ate my artwork! That reminds me a need an external hard drive. Santa?
Like I didn’t have enough to do I’m adding to my plate….. Pie.

I have long said if I could have any lifestyle/job it would include creating art, hiking and baking. All the time. I surprise myself when I realize how close I am to my dream life….. Wait a second. I’m living it… Right. Now. Whoa. Minus the tiny fact I have to make a living by working a real job…. I am living my dream life. I hike at least twice a week, I just landed a sweet baking gig (sort of), and I am creating so much art I can’t keep track of it. If I heard that life described of someone else I would be envious.


It bugs me that I can sometimes lose sight of all this fabulous life I’m living…. Lucky for me I get snapped out of it just when I need to…. Today it came in the form of about 5 moments that could have been straight out of a Tasmanian Devil cartoon. There I was, not paying attention, on icy streets when I rolled through an intersection only to notice a truck coming straight for me…. I frantically tried to steer out of the way and got it just about done when the truck tapped my bumper. With the adrenaline flowing I get out and am greeted by a handsome young college aged gentleman who I hear say “Are you ok?!” From here on all I really remember is frantically exclaiming that “I wasn’t paying attention” and “I’m sorry”. I surveyed the damage which was barely a mark in the dirt. So I’ve just caused an accident and struck a bit of panic in the guy I forced to run into me, I’ve determined there’s no damage…. So what else is there to do in a time like this?
Hug. So I hugged the guy. *insert awkward moment here*
I then promptly turned heel and took off. Realizing that I just hugged a perfect stranger for pretty much no good reason.
I then laughed about it for an hour straight and multiple times since.

Note taken. Slow down. Pay attention. Appreciate life. Hug random strangers. Got it.


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  1. I am so happy for you and all of your success. That you notice God snapping His fingers at you. And that you are taking really Good notes. We love you and I am not surprised at all that you hugged a stranger.

  2. I love it! Great post I am so excited your starting to blog more your stories are awesome.

  3. Pam Stewart November 14, 2012 Reply

    I loved this story….I’ll bet that that guy is still talking about YOU!! You probably made his day and now he’s wishing he would have caught your name and phone number. Congrats on the art show….you do amazing photography so I am not at all surprised that you have more work than you origianlly thought. Good Luck on it….I’ll be thinking of you my friend.

  4. I love you!!!!!

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