Friends of all kinds

Friends can come in all shapes and sizes. That being said I have found myself with an odd connection to my houseplants lately.
I have had plants in my house for many years. I love how they make my house feel like a home and add to the decor. Not to mention the unseen benefits of oxygenation of the air and the fact that your life can only be improved when surrounded by the calm living energy that plants bring to a space.
In recent months I have been wanting more plants. I wander through the tiny plant section at the local grocery and pick out ones that feel like they need a little rescuing. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a plant to be in a plastic pot in an artificially lit supermarket. Ugh. Maybe much like a human who works long hours in a big office building with no outside windows. Not ideal. Sort of like going to the humane society and rescuing a kitty I pick out a plant and bring it home to a much nicer environment that has lots of love and care. A new pot and bright window and a few weeks to settle in and man are they happy campers.
Like all living things plants have energy. I liken it even to personality. My plants definitely have personalities. Each their own might I add. If you take a moment to take in their energy you may be surprised at what you find.
I thought I would introduce you to some of my friends.

Frankie Fronds

Frankie is the old hippy of the bunch. He is very laid back and chill. He would totally be smoking dope if he could. Instead I put the tie dyed water bulb in his pot so he can pretend. Frankie is a fern and his long fronds droop down over the edge of his hanging pot. When you walk by the leaves reach out as if to say “Hey man…. Sit down. Chill out for a bit.”




Stella is… Well, Stella is one of a kind. She’s the only peace lily in the house and she knows it. She can be a little testy if she doesn’t get her way. She also has a water bulb in her pot but unlike Frankie’s hers is for ample amounts of water to keep her hydrated and shining gorgeously. If she isn’t getting what she needs she’ll let me know. I imagine Stella would have a Gucci handbag if she could.



Sean is Irish. He’s a Shamrock. He’s also a 5 year old boy. He’s growing like a weed and he is always happy. He practically hugs me with enthusiasm when I walk in the room. He is so full of life and luck!



Al is a Vietnam Vet. He has had a hard life but he keeps on kicking. He’s a recovering addict and has turned his life around (since I rescued him 🙂 with a new mission to help people. He’s a medicinal Aloe Vera plant. He is much happier now that he has a new pot, a new home and a purpose. I set him next to Sean for a little dose of youthful glee.


These are just a couple of my plant characters. I have thought I might be a teensy bit crazy for putting this much thought into my plants so I did some research, ie. googling, and found that I’m not the only crazy one.
There are even books on plant personalities. *sigh of relief*

Maybe now you’ll look at your plants a little differently….. Plants have feelings too.

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