Bowl a 300

Don’t we all want a perfect score in life? A figurative ‘300’. Sometimes, maybe more often then not, we have to give ourselves the score. Give yourself permission to make your life perfect.

Start by giving yourself permission to be yourself. Being authentically ‘you’ can get lost in the expectations and impressions of others. It happens to everyone at some point and at some level or another. Whether we realize it or not we let others dictate how we express ourselves, often out of fear of judgement or want of acceptance. Stop.

The time is now. Give yourself the acceptance and permission to be who you are regardless of others reactions or judgements. Whether it be a t-shirt you have been dying to wear but think it just wouldn’t fit in or a blog you’re not sure anyone would care to read, you have to go for it. Put it out there. Don’t hesitate. Be who YOU are. Smile about it.

Oh and if you decide to bust out your sweet t-shirt or a hot pair of leg warmers there’s a good possibility people are staring because they are insanely jealous. Jealous that you don’t care what they think. Jealous that you smile while being incredibly awesome. Unknowingly jealous that you’re bowling a 300 right in front of them and they can’t stop staring at your fabulousness.

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