March is here! One of my very favorite months. Not just because the best day of the year is in March but also because that means it is almost spring. March is like a bridge between winter and spring, today is a perfect example. Gorgeous blanket of snow and brilliant sunshine. I am excited for today!

It is my first day of volunteering in a middle school art room. I am excited and a little nervous. I keeping a positive attitude and my expectations high. I really hope to learn something from my time in the classroom. I would love to leave feeling like I had a positive impact on the children or at least their time there. Either in the art realm or just in general. I worry about middle school attitude but I am truly trying to keep it positive and keep the four agreements in mind going into this. I think positive is my biggest push in this. I need to keep that present the whole time.

The next excitement of the day is that today I am going to start a “Radical Self Love Bootcamp” ( One of my very favorite people is Gala Darling of She is amazing! Just go to her blog and see. I love her unique sense of confidence and style. She is her own. She has developed the bootcamp to help people get to a higher level of “self love” and appreciation. I am looking forward to furthering my mind and heart through her daily readings!

I am working on a new business card design. How many business cards does one person need? Especially when they don’t have much of a business at all. This new one is more of a personal one. It is not for sareck Design. It is just for me! So I guess once you have a business card the point would be to start getting them out there and get rid of them right? I’ll work on that! For now I’ll just keep designing them. Go!

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